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Coley Veterinary Services

Welcome to Coley Veterinary Services

Coley Veterinary Services Mission Statement:

To provide high quality veterinary services and veterinary products to beef and dairy cattle producers so that their operations will be more profitable, and their cattle will be healthier and more productive.

To be responsible for the safe and proper use of animal health products and their impact on our food supply.

“I promise to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society and to practice my profession with dignity and uphold the principles of veterinary medical ethics.”

Bob Coley, D.V.M.

About Us

Food Animal Practice

Coley Veterinary Services is a food animal practice working with cattle, sheep, goats, swine in a nine county area surrounding Jefferson County, TN.  The practice was established in 1988.  

Office Hours

Monday-Friday    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday               8:00 am - Noon

Sunday                 Closed

Call 865-475-5121 for 24 hour emergency service. 

Winter Herd Health Tips



Calves and yearlings

  • Deworm, Delice, Degrub
  • Blackleg vaccination (7-way clostridial) IBR-BVD-BRSV-PI3 vaccination 
  • Implant (non-replacements)
  • Dehorn/Castrate


  • Deworm, Delice, Degrub
  • IBR-BVD-BRSV-PI3 vaccination 
  • Lepto/Vibrio vaccination
  • Pregnancy exam
  • Cull old cows

Herd Bull

  • Deworm, Delice, Degrub
  • IBR-BVD-BRSV-PI3 vaccination 
  • Lepto/Vibrio vaccinationÖ Breeding Soundness Exam

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Coley Veterinary Services

903 W. Hwy. 11E, New Market, TN 37820

(865) 475-5121

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